Searching for SolidWorks Configurations by Name in EPDM

Have you ever wanted to search by configuration name using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM?  If so, the search option is available to you on the “Complete Search” search card.  To enable this function, open your complete search card and look at the history tab.  This tab is used for history searching generally, but (as you will see) it can also be used for configuration searching.  The image below shows where to look on the card:


If you have an old complete search card, you may not have the option “Look in Configuration Names.”  If not, you have to add a new checkbox, linked to the option “History Text – Configuration names” as shown on the right side of the image.  Add this checkbox and the history search to any of your search cards and you will be able to search for configurations by name.

Here is what “Configuration Search” looks like in the search window:


You can see that all you need to do is check the box on the search card and the configuration name is returned.

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