SimpoeWorks Webinar with 3DVision

3DVision Technologies is pleased to offer an introduction of SimpoeWorks, a SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner solution offering next generation-level productivity and cost savings for companies involved in plastics and rubber design, engineering and manufacturing.

Simpoe is the industry’s new leading Plastic Injection Simulation solution, empowering design, engineering and manufacturing teams to optimize plastic and rubber designs – before manufacturing – in ways never before possible.

What makes Simpoe different from all other Moldflow-type tools is the accuracy of results and unparalleled ease of use – being fully integrated, embedded, and operating either stand-alone or inside SolidWorks.

All levels of user can now optimize mold designs, reduce manufacturing costs, shorten product cycle times, improve quality, and much more. The cost savings across product development and manufacturing can be tremendous with Simpoe: savings not available with any other Injection Simulation software.

Join us for this introductory webinar on May 25 at 9am EST. To register click here.

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