Slow SOLIDWORKS Assembly Quiz

Do you work with slow SOLIDWORKS Assemblies?

Are you waiting hours just to get to work on a slow SOLIDWORKS assembly?  Once it finally is open, does it move slower than a sloth stuck in the mud?

This is a common problem with large, complex assemblies.  The fact is, it doesn’t have to be.  There are standard practices that will reduce these issues and take your 1-hour open time to 1 minute.

Take the quiz below to see how well YOU know these slow SOLIDWORKS Assembly Best Practices.


CAD Assembly Health Quiz

1. Performance Evaluation helps to...
2. Which open mode should be used to open an assembly of 1,000+ components to make measurements or add components?
3. Assembly Visualization can provide...
5. Identify the tools that could simplify a large assembly.
6. The "Geometry Pattern" option has no effect on rebuild time.
7. When I need to display Threads in my assembly, I should use:
8. What makes an assembly open slowly?
9. When opening a large assembly over a network, I should:
10. Files open faster if they are saved on the current version of SOLIDWORKS.
12. When using imported parts (STEP, parasolid, IGES) I should use ___________ to make sure they don't have any geometric issues.
13. What System Options could be used to improve performance?
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