SOLIDWORKS has finally started their 2009 beta program.

Why do you care?

  1. It is fun getting to see things before everyone else
  2. This gives your company a head start on what is coming down the pike. More time for planning on how your company can take advantage of the new tools. Is there a process that can be shortened with the new SOLIDWORKS features?
  3. This is the best time to make sure the SOLIDWORKS features you rely on will continue to work in the new version. When the software is in beta, bugs are fixed much quicker than once the software is in production.
  4. Prizes

[With the beta program in full swing, this means the 3DVision 2009 roll outs are on their way. Free continuing education, just like Christmas but without all the screaming kids. Keep an eye out for the announcement.]

You can sign up for the beta program on the SOLIDWORKS customer portal.

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