SOLIDWORKS: Account Activation Exceeded

Account Activation Exceeded


This blog article will discuss:


  1. What this message means
  2. Reasons you might be receiving this message when trying to activate a license
  3. Steps to avoid getting this error
  4. What to do when your hard drive crashes


Let’s begin by defining what the message “Account Activation Exceeded” means.


If this message pops up when you are trying to activate a license in SOLIDWORKS, it is informing you that you are trying to use more activation’s of the license than are currently available.


Reasons you may receive this message:


  • An old employee still has the license active on their machine.
  • A forgotten machine still has the license active on it.
  • There is an attempt at more than one activation.
  • A computer’s hard drive crashed and is still registered as using the license.


Tips to avoid getting this message:


  • Keep up to date records where the license is active, include; license number, the computer name it is active on, the email used to activate it, and whose machine it is active on.
  • Deactivate the license on the old machine when it is no longer going to be used.


What to do when your hard drive crashes:


  • Call SOLIDWORKS Technical Support at 888-285-2284 and tell them what has happened. They can release that license for you to activate it on the new hard drive or new computer.




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Courtney Roemer
Application Engineer | CSWE
Computer Aided Technology

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