SOLIDWORKS Drawing View Labels

Have you ever wanted to create a view label in SolidWorks for a standard view or projected view?  As you know when you make a Detail or Section view, the view label automatically creates itself.  But for those standard Top, Front, or Isometric views, they are left behind.  Here is a step by step guide on how to not only add notes in a drawing to call out each view, but to also parametrically link to those views.

Step 1, create a drawing with standard views.

Step 2, rename your views to a more descriptive name such as Isometric in my example:

Image 01

Step 3, Select that view in the drawing sheet, and add a Note:

Image 02

Step 4, as you begin typing the note, notice the Link to Property button in the note property manager.  Select on this and chose the option “Component to which the annotation is attached”.  Then select the drop down list and specifically the “SW-View Name” property:

Image 03

Image 04

Step 5, after pressing Ok on the dialog box, you will see that the view name is now listed in the Note text box on your drawing.  If the box is still active, you can get more creative by adding another property to the same text box.  For example, I chose to add some custom text like “Scale:” followed by another Link to Property and this time selected “SW-View Scale”:

Image 05

Finish by selecting outside the text box, and you will now have a parametrically linked note to the view name selected and the view scale.

Image 06


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