SOLIDWORKS Sustainability - a second look

A little over a year ago SOLIDWORKS released SOLIDWORKS Sustainability. It was fun, thought it was rather cute, but me being a glass half empty kinda guy I wasn’t really sure people would really use it.

As my friends at Infocom used to say. “Time passes…”.

Now most companies have some sort of  “Green initiative” going on now. I bet your company has one….but is it really much more than this?

Here is my tip to help you get a big promotion. Show your CEO how easy it is to use SustainabilityXpress inside of SolidWorks. Quick, easy reports showing your company is going the extra mile to save the planet -proof your designs are as green as they can be. (Just don’t print the reports on paper!)

Your CEO can now show you are doing more than putting up signs around the office. New stockholders will flock to your company, you get the corner office and you’ll have me to thank.

Thanks Engineering Data Specialist Man!

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