Recently I was able to attend two local user group meetings in the Kansas City area.  The Kansas City SOLIDWORKS User Group had their quarterly meeting in late November and was well attended by over 25 attendees.  This group has been going strong for over 10 years and had presentations from Todd Blacksher from TMCO in Lincoln, NE.  He showed how using DriveWorks Express can really speed up your common designs and is included in every license of SOLIDWORKS for FREE!

Next I attended a new user group's first meeting in St. Joseph, MO.  This group hasn't decided on a name as of yet, but is basically being held at one of the offices of Altec, Industries.  They had almost 35 members in their very first meeting!  Nice start to another local regional group that hopes to get the word out to other businesses in the area.  Once again Todd Blacksher presented and this time, it was on Tips and Tricks to make SOLIDWORKS run better and faster at his company.

One of the items I liked was a simple Macro that he created to basically Zoom to Fit the model and set the view to the standard Isometric view before saving.  This does two things.  First, it makes the model uniform in that all models are set to Isometric for easy viewing.  Second, it shows the entire model in the view screen, which makes the preview in the Open File dialog or Windows Explorer preview pane show up easily for the next user wanting to work on that file.  This was something that they used quite a bit and made their modeling practices uniform throughout the organization.

There were many more ideas that Todd shared and if you see him presenting at a local group in your area, please try to attend and see for yourself what other great ideas you can pick up from his vast knowledge of SOLIDWORKS.

Thank you,

Brian Reel
Field Technical Services Manager
Computer Aided Technology, Inc
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