There are lots of great things about SOLIDWORKS World, but the most important part is the breakout sessions. Tons of topics taught by the authorities in their field. You want to attend them all but at best you’ll be able to attend 8% of them <citation needed>. Why can’t you attend a higher percentage? Because there are so many presentations going on at the same time and few are repeated. So you need to plan, you need to plan now.

When you register at SOLIDWORKS World you’ll received two documents. An agenda book telling you when the breakout sessions are and a book listing the topics of the breakout sessions.

[Soapbox]I have gone to every SOLIDWORKS World since the beginning (except the one in Boston, and no body went to that one) this is a complaint I have had since day one. It is very difficult to cross reference these two documents. The agenda just gives you the title, so you think “Oh this may be interesting, tell me more!” Then you have to spend minutes trying to find it in the topics book….or looking through the topics: “Saaaaay, what time is this session?”, now you have to spend time digging through the agenda. I complain about this every year, but my pain is never heard.[/Soapbox]

Since choosing the breakout sessions is “painful”, spend time planning now -not when Josh Mings and Lou Gallo are challenging each other to a food eating contests in the lobby…too many distractions. Go to the SOLIDWORKS World site and preselect your sessions this isn’t setting your sessions in stone, you can always change, but it is a great planning tool. Certainly better than trying to do it just before the sessions begin.

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