Create an Options File for the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager

The SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager (SNL) can use what we call an “Options File” to gain more control over your network license usage. This administrative control includes preventing users or groups from borrowing certain license types, reserving certain license types for specific users or groups, and setting an idle time limit when borrowing licenses. Upon manually creating this Options File, it will need to be linked to the existing SNL and re-activated to be established. To create this SNL Options […]

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Customer Story: Lynx Motorsports

Lynx Motorsports is a student engineering team from University of Colorado Denver that designs and races Formula race cars as a part of Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). Each year, Lynx Motorsports designs, builds, and tests a prototype to be judged against their peers in engineering across the US. They will compete in the Formula SAE Lincoln race and design competition in Lincoln, Neb. June 20–23. We spoke to students Robert Wiley, Wesley Kaiser, and Slade Mills about their progress […]

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Adding Item Numbers to your Bill of Material

I’ve had many questions from many SOLIDWORKS Electrical users on if they could have item numbers in the Bill of Materials (BOM). This is something that is traditionally only needed in mechanical BOMs, since the electrical counterparts have the component marks to differentiate parts. However, some people still like item numbers, and I’ve always said, “sorry, but we don’t have that capability yet”. That was apparently not true! A user on the electrical forum figured out some SQL magic that […]

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Non-Linear Study of Carabiner Clip

I have always loved climbing, and at the heart of every climb is safety. The gear used should be strong enough to keep a climber safe through any sort of accident. A crucial piece of a climber’s gear is the carabiner. It is used to hook climbers to ropes, to hook ropes to an anchor, basically to hook anything to anything else. I have always been curious though, what would happen if the “gate” or the piece that closes and […]

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DriveWorksXpress Sample – Shed Door

If you have SOLIDWORKS, you have a free copy of DriveWorksXpress waiting to be activated. Just hit Tools > Xpress Tools to get started! In this blog, I’ll be going over a quick example of how you could use DriveWorksXpress to simplify the configuration and modification steps in a model. I’ve designed a basic Shed Door that I’ll be using to examine the capabilities of this Free Version of DriveWorks. Step 1 – Create your model. Keeping the variables in mind, […]

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Updating Standard Views in SOLIDWORKS

Often, we like to use the standard views that SOLIDWORKS offers. Other times, in order to work smarter not harder, we want to change things up and customize SOLIDWORKS to work in our favor. Back in 2013, SOLIDWORKS added the functionality of Updating Standard Views. With many “What’s New” blog posts with each release of SOLIDWORKS, sometimes features slip through the cracks. Let me introduce you to, or rather, re-introduce you to Updating Standard Views. Open a model in SOLIDWORKS. […]

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