How to Build and Maintain Effective Design Tables in SOLIDWORKS

Need help with Design Tables in SOLIDWORKS? If so, join us this Thursday at 12pm Central Time for the April installment of our CATIpult Webcast Series. This month’s topic is “How to Build and Maintain Effective Design Tables“. Our Sr. Technical Support Manager, Josh Altergott, will be covering all aspects of Design Tables in SOLIDWORKS – from the optimal setup of parts and assemblies to utilizing SOLIDWORKS with Excel for the automation of designs and configurations. Josh updated this presentation for 2018, so you don’t want to […]

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Creating 3D Free Surface SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Output

How well do you know your Property Managers in SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation or SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation? Do you really pay attention to all the buttons and options that you can use for any specific feature? Chances are, if you’re like me, you looked at all the bells and whistles the first time or two and then quickly forgot about each available option. We tend to learn exactly what we need to know, get good at that, and move on. Which brings […]

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SOLIDWORKS Assembly Features: The Hole Series Feature

Hole Series is an assembly level feature where hole sizes can be set for the first part, then middle parts, then the final part. When a Hole Series feature is created, it will propagate to each part file involved as an in-context feature. Existing Hole Wizard and Hole Series can be used as a starting seed for the Hole Series. Just as with Hole Wizard, Hole Series can start with a 2-D sketch (either pre-created or as the first thing […]

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Faster Image Rendering in SOLIDWORKS Visualize – Courtesy of Your GPU

Creating magazine-quality images from 3D CAD models can consume a lot of time. Not so much in setting up the model’s viewpoint, background, lighting and appearances, but the time it takes to ‘render’ the image. Rendering images is where rendering software, like SOLIDWORKS Visualize, works to create a realistic two-dimensional image from three-dimensional CAD geometry. Much of the calculation time is used to determine the position and direction of light in the scene (i.e. where it’s being emitted and where […]

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3D Scanning Do’s and Don’ts Part 1

Creaform scanners are incredibly powerful tools. They can let you capture hundreds of thousands of points on the surface of a part every second all the while maintaining up to 30-micron accuracy. Sounds like it would be a complex and difficult process to be able to do, but as it turns out it is actually very easy and user friendly. In order to keep the process of 3D scanning going smooth there are a few things to keep in mind. […]

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Navigating Content with Links in SOLIDWORKS Schematic

In an earlier post, I introduced links in reports. Navigating and finding that “one” component or reference can seem like a big task. SOLIDWORKS Schematic has several easy ways to find them, and one simple trick is to add links to content in reports you have added to your project. We will need to be in the report manager to view the content of our project. The Reports manager allows you to manage the reports you wish to use in the […]

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