What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019 & Top 10 Enhancents

The two most exciting times at SOLIDWORKS World for a SOLIDWORKS user is when they preview what will be coming in the NEXT release of the software, and when they announce the results of the Top 10 Enhancements voting. Last week at SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2018 in Los Angeles they did the What’s New in 2019 a little different and split it up among the 3 days. Here is WHAT’S, hopefully, NEW IN SOLIDWORKS 2019: Interference Detection in Multi-body parts!  (no […]

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From InFlow Technology: Export Search Results from Embedded Search – #SW2018

New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018, you now can export search results from the Embedded Search Window. Prior to 2018, this capability was only available in the Dedicated Search Tool which opened in a separate window. Additionally, because PDM Standard does not provide access to the Dedicated Search Tool, that meant that you could not export search results from PDM Standard. So an added benefit is that you can now export search results from PDM Standard searches. Continue Reading on InFlow […]

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A Tropical Fish and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Meshing – What’s a fish got to do with FEA?

A Tropical Fish and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Meshing – What’s a fish got to do with FEA? The Bluehead Fairy Wrasse, a tropical fish native to the western Atlantic Ocean, can be found near coral reefs in schools feeding on small organisms, acting as a cleanup crew for the reef. ( ref. Bluehead Wrasse – Wikipedia). I’ve enlisted the wrasse’s help in describing the importance of good meshing practices in SOLIDWORKS Simulation. As you will see, it’s all about the details […]

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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional 2018 – Area Lights

Lighting a product within a virtual environment can be tricky at times. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional 2018 adds new features to help you position lights exactly where you need them, and import light sources from previous projects created in SOLIDWORKS. Now it’s easier than ever to light your scenes and get the perfect studio quality photograph you are looking for. The physics behind the scenes of SOLIDWORKS Visualize are quite complex, using a physically based technology from NVIDIA IRAY that simulates […]

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Adding 3D Component Information

Adding 3D Component Information in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Wondering what your panel layout looks like or deciding how to lay out components before ever turning a screw can quite the imagination exercise.  Fortunately for some of us, we have the SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D add-in for our SOLIDWORKS software.  Components in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic are represented by many different symbols as well as SOLIDWORKS parts or assemblies.  Components that have manufacturers part definition assigned to them also have a corresponding 3D part […]

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SOLIDWORKS Plastics: Shell Mesh vs Solid Mesh

SOLIDWORKS Plastics: Shell Mesh vs Solid Mesh SOLIDWORKS Plastics is an injection molding add-in to SOLIDWORKS. Plastics comes in 3 levels, Standard, Professional, and Premium that are geared towards plastic part designers, mold designers, and analysts, respectively Some may say the most crucial part of any simulation is the mesh, and I would be keen to agree. SOLIDWORKS Plastics offers an automatic Solid and Shell meshing algorithm, in addition to more robust manual controls. When an automatic solid method is […]

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