Stratasys F120 Filament Recovery

F120 Filament Recovery

, Stratasys F120 Filament Recovery With the Stratasys F120’s huge filament boxes holding 200 cubic inches of 3D print material we can build lots of parts without worrying about running out in the middle of a build. Stratasys has gone to great lengths to maintain the long-term quality of this large amount of material by sealing it from humidity.

, Stratasys F120 Filament RecoveryBut it happened… I lost the filament in the feed tube when swapping from ABS to ASA. You could break the seal on the bag, find the line and push it through, but I did not want to take a chance of accidentally cross winding the filament and it was frustrating because I could see the end of the filament in the line (Figure2).

Knowing that ABS and ASA con be smoothed, softened and even dissolved with Acetone, I pulled a short section from my ASA material and let the end soak in acetone for a couple of minutes to make it good and sticky (Figure 1).

Then pushed it down the feed tube to align beside a section of the ABS filament. Do not try and bond the filament end to end, the joint will not be strong enough and you take a chance of pushing your broken line further down the feed tube. After they are aligned side by side, give them a couple of minutes to dry (Figure 3).

Now you can pull the line out and simply clip the bonded extension off (Figure 4).

, Stratasys F120 Filament Recovery

Mark Abshire
Senior Application Engineer, Additive Manufacturing
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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