Take Control of the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane

So many users don't realize the value of the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane and all that's available with a simple click. Let's check it out!

What is the Task Pane and where is it located?

The Task Pane is on the right side of your SOLIDWORKS application window.











Exploring the task Pane tabs:

The Task Pane provides access to many SOLIDWORKS resources, libraries, the View Palette for drawing creating, and other useful information. Below is a list of tabs that are available in the Task Pane.

SolidWorks SOLIDWORKS Resources: Contains a group of command for Getting Started, SOLIDWORKS Tools, Community, Subscription Services and a Tip of The Day.

SolidWorks Design Library: Contains library features, Toolbox (Professional & Premium), 3D Content Central and SOLIDWORKS Content.

SolidWorks File Explorer: Duplicate of Windows Explorer on your computer. Contains a list of Recent Documents, Samples, parts open in SOLIDWORKS, and Desktop access. If SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM is added in, the tab changes to SolidWorks .

SolidWorks View Palette: (Only expandable in a Drawing Mode.) Contains views from a model to drag and drop onto a drawing sheet.

SolidWorks Appearances, Scenes, and Decals: (Not expandable in a Drawing Mode.) Contains appearances, scenes and decals that can be dropped and dragged on a part visible in the graphic area.

SolidWorks Custom Properties: This tab launches the Property Tab Builder to create custom properties.

SolidWorks SOLIDWORKS Forum: Search for SOLIDWORKS forums and start discussions. (Must have Internet access.)

Additional tabs include:

SolidWorks SolidProfessor Web-Add in: This tab is available for customers using SolidProfessor.

SolidWorks Document Recovery: This tab will appear if your system terminated unexpectedly. Terminated files will appear in this tab upon startup. The Backup/Recovery option must be enabled in Tools > Options > System Options > Backup/Recovery.

SolidWorksSOLIDWORKS EPDM Add in: Direct access to the vault.

SolidWorks Collaborative Sharing: Access the Collaborative Sharing app to store your data on the cloud and to collaborate with other colleagues using a central location for your files.

SolidWorks 3DSwym Communities: 3DSwym let members connect with their communities to collaborate, ask and answer questions, and share information.


Controlling the task Pane

The Task Pane can be in different states:

  • Visible or hidden
  • Expanded or collapsed
  • Pinned or unpinned
  • Docked or undocked

How to hide or show the Task Pane:

Here are 2 ways:

1. In the Menu bar, go to View > Task Pane




2. Right Mouse Click on the Command Manager and this menu appears. Check the Task Pane to show; uncheck to hide.
















How to Expand and Collaspe the Task Pane? 

To expand the Task Pane, click one of the Task Pane tabs.

To collapse the Task Pane, click in the graphics area. (This will work if the Task Pane was not pinned.)

How to pin or unpin the Task Pane?

To pin the Task Pane, click SolidWorks located in the title bar.

To unpin, click SolidWorks located in the title bar. (If the Task Pane is unpinned, it will collapse when you drag an item such as a document or a library feature into the graphic area or when you open a new SOLIDWORKS document.)

How to float or dock the Task Pane?

To float the Task Pane, drag it by the title bar into the graphic area.
















To dock the Task Pane when it's floating, click SolidWorks in the title bar. Note that the Task Pane will only dock to the right side of the graphic area.

How to resize the Task Pane?

Drag any edge that is not docked.

Now that you know what the Task Pane is, where it's located and what's all available, take a few minutes to explore the contents and see how the Task Pane can help with streamlining your daily activities.

Thank you for reading!

Judy Marlo

Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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