Times are Changing..

If you haven’t heard, the time to “Spring Ahead” is coming soon! This new change in daylight savings time may wreak havoc on many devices and software. The calls have begun to come in regarding how SmarTeam is going to handle this change. ENOVIA SmarTeam is hearing about it too. So much so, that they have issued us a statement to the event.

Here is what SmarTeam has sent Inflow Technology regarding the time change:

“This year time changes will move in a week earlier and leave a week later. This basically means that on most of the servers out there in the US, our customers will need to install Hotfixes (by Microsoft or Oracle or others), to make sure that the time is working accordingly.

By saying that, we are getting a lot of questions regarding those changes, and therefore, i would like to say that all those hotfixes by different parties are being tested by the ENOVIA SmarTeam QA department.

The tests will probably be done by the end of this week. if we will need to issues a global SmarTeam Hotfix we will do so, if not, we will probably send an announcement that those fixes are compatible with ENOVIA SmarTeam software.” (Noam Ktalav – Dassault Systemes)

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