Upgrading ePDM Tasks

When you upgrade your SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, don’t forget your tasks do not upgrade automatically. If you want the latest and greatest tasks, you’ll need to unload and re-import the tasks from the new install disk.


I don’t have the exact numbers, but it surprises me how many of our customers have already upgraded to SOLIDWORKS Enterpise PDM 2010. I am sure the number is close to half -and the release hasn’t even been out a month yet!

So far I haven’t found anyone that had a bad upgrade experience. The upgrade runs just as your 2009 service pack upgrades went except you will need to get  new license file, and you will need to run the “Update.exe” routine to upgrade your database.

Since everyone will be locked out of the vault until you enter the new license file, I recommend getting the license file before you upgrade. Log in to the customer portal, register the product (you’ll need to know your serial number) and the file will be emailed to you automatically.

register 300x186

Average upgrade times seem to be about a half hour – depending on hardware speed and the size of your vault.

Why is everyone upgrading so quickly? The new Tasks feature? Toolbox integration? …or are they just excited about SOLIDWORKS 2010 and they know you need to install EPDM 2010 first?

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