Upgrading from Driveworks7 - One very important step

Recently we had a couple of customer run into a major roadblock when trying to upgrade their network license of Driveworks 7 ot Driveworks 9.   Like all our our other SOLIDWORKS products, we expected this to be a nice easy process.  Well it is, if you know the proper steps.

We knew that the Driveworks help menu tells us to stop the server before uninstalling.  No problem here.  Inside the license manager is a button to stop the service.

2 - StopService

We then figured we would just need to uninstall the old license manager and install the new lincese manager.  So we pull up the control panel and go the program and feature, and uninstall Driveworks 7.   We downloaded the new Driveworks 9 installation media, but to our supprise it error out telling us that we cannot install the service.

Troubleshooting begins, checking permissions on every registry we could find.  We were even logged in as the Domain Admin, but no dice!  Now as a Domain Admin we should be able to install anything we want.

After talking to the Driveworks techs, we discovered one little step that was overlooked.  Inside of the license manager, after you stop the service, you will see a second button that says Uninstall Service.

1 - UninstallService


This little button will save you hours of trouble shooting (other than the fact that I now know of this step).   Apparently this uninstalls something in the services that the windows uninstaller will not.  The resulting screen will tell you that the service in not installed.  Once you see this message, now you can go thru the windows uninstall process to remove the program.

3 - ResultantScreenShot

Now when you try to install the new verison of the Driveworks licesne manager, you should have no issues!

Hopes this saves you the headache of having to call in, just to upgrade you license manager.

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