What's (hopefully) New In SOLIDWORKS 2016

Here is a compilation of a bunch of WHAT’S (hopefully) NEW in SOLIDWORKS 2016 that was shown at SOLIDWORKS World 2015 in Phoenix this past February. Some of it makes sense just reading it and some of it you had to see. I also say “hopefully” because there of course is the chance that ANY of these could get dropped from the software between now and when SOLIDWORKS 2016 gets released in October. Some of these are really great, time saving enhancements as you can see from my excitement !!!!!

24 Possible New Features for SOLIDWORKS 2016

1. Hide/Show Main Planes
2. Select Sketch Mid Point without a Rt+Clk !!!!!
3. Sketch Context Toolbar Stays Visible even after moving away !!!!
4. Plane For Pattern Direction
5. Convert Entities – Internal Loops
6. Hide/Show Bodies w/ Tab Key
7. Bi-Directional Sweep
8. Flatten Surface Enhancements (new functionality in SW2015)
9. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard !!!!!
10. Extended Quickmates
11. Toolbox Favorites Folder
12. Copy & Paste Mate Support
13. Copy With Mates Enhancements
14. Change Toolbox Fastener Type
15. Rename Part !!!!!!!
16. Drawings – Direct Scale Change
17. Drawings – Nested Balloon Sorting
18. eDrawings – Spin About Screen Center
19. eDrawings – Tabbed Documents/Multi Window
21. PhotoView360 Scene Illumination Proof Sheets
22.User Interface REVAMP – “Modern Look” (you mean “boring, bland, 1990’s cad look”???)
23. Child Feature Reference
24. Breadcrumbs

Be sure to participate in the SOLIDWORKS 2016 BETA program starting around June or July!!

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