New BOM features in SmarTeam V5R17

With the release of Service Pack 4 for V5R17, Dassault Systemes introduces a new milestone regarding Bill Of Material (BOM) handling with its flagship product SmarTeam. This article introduces you to some of the new features and capabilities in this long awaited update.

The first feature to introduce is the Item Tree synchronization capability with CAD. In the past, users were left to their own devices to create an Item structure in SmarTeam. This may have been done by script or some other copy tree mechanism. An Item Tree structure can now be created automatically based on your CAD definition and kept in sync as your CAD data changes. You can now easily create and maintain your EBOM, or “As Designed” BOM, as a starting point for other BOM structures.


SmarTeam doesn’t stop there with the CAD synchronization capabilities. SmarTeam also provides the flexibility to allow if your CAD component should be part of the BOM in the first place. As you can see from the graphic below, a simple dropdown allows you to choose between Yes, No, or even a Phantom. Setting your CAD assembly file to Phantom will allow the children to show in the BOM, but not the actual assembly itself.


In the synchronizing process attribute information is carried over, or mapped, to the Item being created or updated. The mapping information is kept in an XML configuration file and easily administered from the SmarTeam BOM mapping tool.  Below you can see a snapshot of the tool and how intuitive it appears to use. The administrator simply selects what the source attribute should be mapped to the Target attribute.


The SmarTeam V5R17 BOM module now includes a very robust Bill of Material Editor. The Editor allows for quick and easy BOM management and configuration.  You can Drag and drop your BOM objects as well as copy and paste to achieve your various BOM views (i.e. “As Built”, “As Manufactured”, etc). The editor allows you to filter your results and in some cases allow you to edit attribute information directly in the editor.


Other added features of the BOM enhancements are the addition of the custom states and the demotion of BOM objects in SmarTeam. You are not limited to the predefined states of your Items. As an administrator, you can add states as needed by your business processes and visually set the state transitions. Item objects in SmarTeam can also now be demoted in the system. This is a powerful addition that adds a lot of flexibilities to how information is traveled in your organization. You are no longer forced to only move forward in your transitions. If you feel an Item that was promoted from “Pending” to “Release” wrongfully or some other reason, you can now move it back to “Pending”.


This has been just a small introduction to the new capabilities in V5R17 SP4. SmarTeam has taken the Bill Of Material capabilities to the next level and, in our opinion, is just the beginning of the features we are going to see developed for the platform. With the new CAD synchronization, SmarTeam has closed the gap on getting your intellectual property into manageable BOM structures. The new BOM editor has made it incredibly easy to create, copy, and maintain your various BOM structures for consumption throughout the organization. We are very proud to discuss the enhancements Dassault Systemes has made recently. If you would like to see the new capabilities up close, just give Inflow Technology a call and we will arrange a demonstration.

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