CAMWorks Mill-Turn

Providing a solution for both milling and turning on the same machine tool.

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CAMWorks Mill-Turn (Live-C) Machining

Mill-Turn extends the capabilities of CAMWorks Milling and Turning

  • The same Mill and Turn features identified by Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) and defined using Interactive Feature Recognition (IFR) are supported in Mill-Turn. IFR can be used to define 3 Axis features for Y-axis milling and wrapped features for cylindrical features machined by C-axis motion.
  • The operations that are generated for features are the same as the operations in CAMWorks 2.5 Axis Milling, 3 Axis Milling and Turning. These include automatic roughing, finishing, thread milling and single point (drilling, boring, reaming, tapping) cycles and all 3 Axis cycles.

CAMWorks Mill-Turn multi-function machining includes milling and turning capabilities for multi-tasking machine centers.

  • Supports C, Y and B axis machining at compound angles.
  • Supports 5 axis simultaneous machining.

CAMWorks Mill-Turn Video

C, Y and B Axis Machining

Machining cycles are available for C, Y and B axis machining at compound angles and on the Face, ID and OD of a part.

 CAMWorks Mill Turn               CAMWorks Mill Turn

The following mill tool axis motion is supported:

CAMWorks Mill Turn

C-Axis OD (OD Free, Wrapped)

Generates wrapped toolpath on a cylinder about the turning axis (Z). Z and C arecontrolled simultaneously while the tool stays on the centerline of the part.



Y-Axis OD (OD Fixed)

Toolpath is generated on a fixed C-axis position.
For 2.5 Axis Milling, the tool moves to depth in X with Y,Z simultaneous cutting.



B-Axis OD

Toolpath is generated on a fixed C and B axis position
For 2.5 Axis Milling, the tool moves to depth in one axis with simultaneous cutting in other axes.


 Face Milling (Fixed, Free)

For 2½ Axis Milling, the tool positions to depth in Z with X,Y simultaneous or X,C simultaneous cutting.