CATI Live is a virtual SOLIDWORKS desktop right in your browser!

You can start your training session, software demo session, or test drive event once we put you into your correct virtual lab.


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Compatible Browsers and System Requirements

Any HTML5/WebGL compatible browser. This includes support for the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge on various desktops and mobile devices. Internet Explorer 11 is not supported. Performance varies by browser, with Chrome and Firefox delivering the best overall experience.

Browser Stable Release Version
Chrome (Mac/PC) 79
Edge (PC) 44
Firefox (Mac/PC) 71
Safari (Mac) 13
System Requirements
A good internet connection – Greater than 75 Mbps
Screen Resolution of 1280×1024 or greater
TCP Ports 443 and 808 open on software and hardware firewalls for TLS
Allow application Nutanix through firewall
A supported web browser. See above.

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