CSWE-Simulation Exam

This certification tests your mastery of all the analysis tools available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium. It demonstrates your ability to utilize advanced analysis tools in stress, contact, thermal, frequency, nonlinear, and dynamic studies.

A Simulation Expert will be well rounded in their knowledge of all areas of the SOLIDWORKS Simulation software. A CSWE is able to solve practically any analysis problem given to them, and is bridging the gap between engineer and analyst.
The exam consists of 40 questions:

  • 10 Hands-On questions (worth between 10 and 20 points each depending on their difficulty)
  • 30 Multiple Choice questions (worth 2 points each)

Exam may feature questions and hands-on challenges in some of these areas:

  • Linear stress
  • Contact
  • Connectors (bolts, pins, springs)
  • Shells, including Composite shells
  • 2D simplification
  • Resolving meshing problems
  • Mesh convergence
  • Steady state and transient thermal
  • Thermal stress
  • Resonance frequencies and mode shapes
  • Drop test
  • Linear buckling
  • Linear dynamic (modal time history, harmonic, random vibration, response spectrum analysis)
  • Nonlinear static
  • Nonlinear dynamic
  • Nonlinear buckling
  • Assembly Configurations
  • Results (stress, displacement, reaction force, connector force)

*This option must be set in your online certification account to show up in the directory.

Exam Prerequisites:
To qualify to take the CSWE-S exam, a candidate must have:

  • Successfully passed the CSWP exam
  • Successfully passed the CSWA-S exam
  • Successfully passed the CSWP-S exam

Expert level exams are meant to be the most challenging exams we offer, so therefore no sample exam is provided.

Re-Test Policy: If the exam is not successfully passed, you will have to wait 90 days to retake the exam.

Exam Length: 3 hours

Note: SOLIDWORKS 2017 and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium 2017 or later is required to take the exam, and so is the ability to unzip files.

Minimum Passing grade: 70%

All candidates receive electronic certificates, business card logos and personal listing on CSWE directory* when they pass..


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