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CATI Extends Courses, Upgrades All Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin Training Facility Hardware and Creates Mobile Training Center

BUFFALO GROVE, IL, October 7, 2003 – Computer Aided Technology, Inc. (CATI) has announced that they are improving their SOLIDWORKS Curriculum by extending two of their Advanced SOLIDWORKS Training Classes to two full days, upgrading training hardware at all facilities and piloting a mobile training center. The longer classes include added course material and improvements create an overall better learning experience for SOLIDWORKS students.

The Nation’s Original and the Midwest’s Leading SOLIDWORKS Reseller, CATI continues to listen to their customers to enhance their offerings. The Advanced Part Modeling and the Advanced Assembly Modeling courses are each 2 full days starting immediately. All courses at CATI are now being taught with latest generation hardware to ensure that students are learning in the best facilities available. Plus, CATI is now operating a mobile training facility, which incorporates high-speed laptops with wireless network cards. This option makes local training a reality no matter where a customer facility is located.

“CATI Technical Services is constantly monitoring feedback from our customers. We strive to provide the best course curriculum in the industry. Changes made to our Advanced Part and Assembly Courses plus the upgraded hardware and the improved ability to bring training even closer to our customers will provide our SOLIDWORKS clients with an enhanced learning opportunity,” comments Adrian Fanjoy, Technical Services Manager, CATI.

In addition, the Advanced Part and Assembly Modeling Courses will continue to be offered at the one and a half day cost through the end of the year. Students already registered will be able to take the extended courses and no extra cost. New students will have the opportunity to register for these courses at the lower cost through the end of the year (training to be completed by 12/31/03).

About CATI

Computer Aided Technology, Inc. (CATI), headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL, provides the Midwest with five full-service facilities, supporting Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin with the mission to unite quality people with advanced technology to create complete solutions for maximum business results. CATI is the original SOLIDWORKS Reseller and the Top Reseller of SOLIDWORKS in the Midwest. CATI is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to engineering, manufacturing, and educational sectors and offers a full suite of SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner technologies including CAD, CAE, CAID, CAM, ECAD, and PDM solutions. For the latest news from CATI, visit the company’s website at or contact a representative at 888-308-2284.