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Milwaukee School of Engineering installs 25-seat Network License

BUFFALO GROVE, IL, November 6, 2000 – Computer Aided Technology, Inc., (CATI), the Nation’s No. 1 SOLIDWORKS integrator, announced today that CATI’s customer, Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), recently installed a 25-seat network license of SOLIDWORKS 2000. This expands the role of solid modeling in the Mechanical Engineering Department by increasing the school’s installation of SOLIDWORKS to over 50 seats.

Over the past two years, CATI has actively supported the expansion of SOLIDWORKS in MSOE’s Mechanical Engineering Department’s Harley-Davidson / Lee Georgeson’s Computer Design Laboratory. CATI’s partnership with MSOE demonstrates the company’s commitment to education by offering instructor training, facilitating student internships, and providing resources and references for greater Milwaukee industrial community.

The addition of the 25-seat network license will ease capacity problems at MSOE, as well as lab scheduling issues. This will also allow for expansion of high school programs designed to give students a hands-on introduction to engineering. SOLIDWORKS has been adopted for these programs primarily because of its ease-of-use and short learning curve. High school students gain confidence from working with a tool that is widely used in the global marketplace and obtaining professional-looking results within hours.

“MSOE’s additional need for SOLIDWORKS is no surprise! Once the students get their hands on SOLIDWORKS to aide them with their projects, they soon realize the software tool is both fun and powerful,” comments Robert Konczal, Vice President of Operations, CATI.

Currently, voluntary SOLIDWORKS training sessions are held at MSOE for interested juniors and seniors. SOLIDWORKS is extremely popular as a design tool for senior projects. SOLIDWORKS has been successfully incorporated into an elective finite element analysis class. Last winter, a new class – Computer Applications in Engineering – was established as a required course for mechanical engineering freshmen.

“Within the typical first-year engineering program, there are few classes that students describe as ‘fun’ or ‘exciting.’ Incorporating SOLIDWORKS into the freshman course sequence allows us to kindle the excitement that made the students choose engineering in the first place,” comments Ed Howard, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering.

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