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Buffalo Grove, IL, Nov. 8, 2007 – Computer Aided Technology, Inc. (CATI), the nation’s original resource for SOLIDWORKS, and Seemage, a leader in the creation of 3D interactive product documentation, strengthen their partnership in an effort to assist CATI customers revolutionize the reuse of 3D data and bring Seemage to the market.

Seemage allows users to create and maintain content for product documentation.  By reusing SOLIDWORKS models and other digital product data, Seemage produces product deliverables such as manufacturing procedures, assembly manuals, product instructions, technical illustrations, training manuals, sales & marketing documents, etc.

Seemage, recently aquired by Dassault Systemes and subsequently incorporated into the 3DVIA brand, has partnered with CATI since 2006.

CATI and Seemage personnel channeled combined efforts to introduce this leading technology to CATI customers in need of a system to create and maintain product documentation.  The result was a number of events held in April entitled “Beyond 3D.”  In response to the overwhelming interest, the teams collaborated again to create an easily accessible webcast called “Unleashing 3D” hosted in August which drew almost 200 attendees. 

Sentry Equipment Corp., a leading manufacturer of sampling equipment and systems, recently brought Seemage into Sentry’s tool chest of technology solutions.  Steve Howe, a Product Engineer, explains, “Seemage was chosen because our marketing and sales team required engineering data but do not know CAD.  With Seemage, these folks can utilize engineering data effectively for brochures, website animations and tech pubs. I can depend on CATI’s ability to scan the market for technology solutions that can help us solve real problems.”

CATI President, Rich Werneth, echoed the ongoing commitment of CATI to deliver innovative technologies to its customer base.  “Seemage is the nonpareil of technical publications and is a critical tool enabling our customers to move beyond 3D.  Seemage has been a great partner to CATI and our customers.  We look forward to expanding our relationship with 3DVIA as part of the Dassault family.”

CATI and 3DVIA will jointly host a Seemage webcast and a subsequent Seemage hands-on session next week.  To register for the webcast (Nov 14th at 1 pm) or hands-on session (Nov 16th at 8:30 am and also at 12:30 pm) email us at  To view the August recorded session, visit  For additional information about Seemage visit

About CATI
Computer Aided Technology, Inc. (CATI), headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL, provides the Midwest with seven full-service facilities, supporting Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan and Wisconsin.  CATI creates competitive advantage for manufacturing clients by leveraging an industry-experienced team and leading technology solutions.  CATI is the Nation’s original resource for SOLIDWORKS and the Midwest’s leading support and services team.  For 15 years CATI has been dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to engineering, manufacturing, and educational sectors and offers a full suite of SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner technologies including CAD, CAE, CAID, CAM, ECAD, and PDM solutions.  For the latest news from CATI, visit the company’s website at or contact a representative at 888-308-2284.

About Seemage

Seemage, Inc. ( has made product information available everyware for customers since 2002.  With Seemage’s system for delivering product information in exactly the right form to the right person at the right time, enterprises’ investments in CAD, PLM, ERP and CRM are enhanced to deliver more value.  With Seemage’s XML-based, CAD-independent architecture, products are delivered faster, with higher quality and at lower cost.  Seemage customers like PSA Puegeot Citroen, ING Renaoult F1 Team, John Deere, Faurecia, Delphi, SNECMA, Alcatel Alenia Space and Thales are raising the bar on customer satisfaction through Seemage-created deliverables.

About 3DVIA

3DVIA is Dassault Systèmes’ brand for online 3D lifelike experiences.  It establishes 3D as a mass media for consumer and professional communities, and allows anyone to imagine, play, and experience consumer products and services used in our daily lives through online services.  Once perfected in the virtual world, they can be optimized as such in the physical world.  The Virtools product line is part of 3DVIA.  For more information about 3DVIA, go to: