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Top Selling SOLIDWORKS Reseller Adds Mobile Training Center, Moves to New Training Center and Offers Additional SOLIDWORKS Courses

BUFFALO GROVE, IL, October 20, 2004 – Computer Aided Technology, Inc. (CATI) has announced that they are improving their offerings to the SOLIDWORKS Community. CATI has just added a new mobile training center, moved to a more convenient location in Madison, Wisconsin and added new courses to their SOLIDWORKS curriculum.

The Nation’s Original and the Midwest’s Leading SOLIDWORKS Reseller, CATI continues to respond to the needs of their customers. In response to the growing demand for high quality SOLIDWORKS training, CATI has invested in another mobile training facility. This new training center incorporates high-speed laptops with wireless network cards and makes local instruction a reality no matter where a client is located.

CATI’s training curriculum is also growing. Two new courses focus on consumer products design, complex surface modeling, and ensuring manufacturability and functionality of those models. The classes take the student, start to finish, through the modeling processes and features required to create a hand held dental device that uses ultra-violet light for curing composite bonding agents used to adhere fillings in teeth. This realistic example takes the user through a myriad of design decisions and discusses options for modeling that apply to real world design criteria and obstacles. The student will learn proper modeling techniques to ensure robust adaptable solid models that fulfill the imposed design requirements. Content for these classes was developed jointly with DiMonte Group, to incorporate the real-world challenges that designers face. These courses are also part of the CATalyst Program, an innovative SOLIDWORKS Training and Support Membership Program. For more information on these classes (Industrial Design Modeling and Industrial Design to Functional Models) or the CATalyst Program, visit the CATI website (

CATI’s Training and Support Services have also moved to a more convenient location in Madison, Wisconsin. The new space includes state of the art training facilities and provides CATI customers with the same high level of customer service, sales, and technical support they expect at a convenient location, strategically located in the same business park as the Madison facility of SOLIDWORKS Corporation. In addition to a full SOLIDWORKS Training Curriculum, CATI’s Madison office will offer a wide variety of SOLIDWORKS focused events. Events will include the CATI exclusive SOLIDWORKS CATIpult sessions for SOLIDWORKS Users, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Hands-On Demonstrations for customers interested in FEA, and SOLIDWORKS 3D Skills Sessions for prospective customers.

“Providing the best SOLIDWORKS Training Curriculum is a priority for CATI. We have seen an increase in the need for high-quality training and our additional mobile training center will allow us to keep up with the demand,” comments Adrian Fanjoy, Technical Services Manager, CATI. “In addition, we have seen a growing trend of companies using SOLIDWORKS for industrial design and medical device design. The addition of two Industrial Design Courses is a great example of how CATI constantly innovates and addresses the needs of our clients.”

About CATI
Computer Aided Technology, Inc. (CATI), headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL, provides the Midwest with five full-service facilities, supporting Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin. CATI creates competitive advantage for manufacturing clients by leveraging an industry-experienced team and leading technology solutions. CATI is the Nation’s original SOLIDWORKS Reseller and the Top Reseller of SOLIDWORKS in the Midwest. CATI is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to engineering, manufacturing, and educational sectors and offers a full suite of SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner technologies including CAD, CAE, CAID, CAM, ECAD, and PDM solutions. For the latest news from CATI, visit the company’s website at or contact a representative at 888-308-2284.