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Services from WebEx Communications, Inc. Allow Instantaneous Access to CATI Technical Expertise

BUFFALO GROVE, IL, December 18, 2000 – Computer Aided Technology, Inc. (CATI) announced today that they have implemented WebEx Meeting Center, a real-time interactive multimedia communication service, company-wide to expand their services to include internet-based technical support, educational seminars and product demonstrations. This technology puts CATI, the Nation’s No. 1 SOLIDWORKS integrator, at the forefront of bringing collaboration techniques to the engineering community.

CATI strives to be a leader in technology, bringing innovative hardware and software solutions to the engineering, manufacturing, educational, and information technology communities. With the addition of internet-based services via WebEx, CATI has made an investment in technology to better serve their customers in multiple areas. Technical Support via WebEx brings CATI’s expertise to the desktops of customers allowing the CATI Technical Support Representative to “step-in” to the customer’s desktop, see the problem and fix it quickly. CATI provides educational seminars via WebEx so that customers do not have to leave their desks to learn about the latest, most innovative technologies in their field. Finally, WebEx eases the time-intensive nature of evaluating a new technology by enabling product demonstrations that can include as many participants as necessary without the time and expense of bringing everyone to the same location.

“WebEx Meeting Center services allow us to bring our technical expertise directly to the desktop and create spontaneous, collaborative and secure meeting sessions,” comments Richard Werneth, Vice President of Sales, CATI. “Our goal is to provide value in every solution we offer so that our customers can maximize the positive impact of our technologies in their organizations. This tool further reinforces the value and eliminates the geographical obstacles that have existed in the past.”

“In this technology driven industry, real-time communication tools are essential for both the growth of the business and excellence in service,” comments Glenn Reinus, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development. “WebEx is being rapidly embraced by the engineering community, since WebEx services provide a cost-efficient and productive way for engineers to collaborate on projects, demonstrate software, and provide technical support. By incorporating WebEx Meeting Center into their business model, CATI is able to reach their customers faster and exceed the level of support and service expected by their customers.”

About CATI

Computer Aided Technology, Inc. (CATI), headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL, provides the Midwest with five full-service facilities, supporting Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The mission of CATI is to unite quality people with advanced technology to create complete solutions. CATI is the No. 1 SOLIDWORKS overall performer in sales, marketing, and certified technical support and training. CATI is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to engineering, manufacturing, information and educational sectors. Several of CATI’s customers, including Ingersoll Milling, Life Fitness, and SRP Scorpion Snowmobiles, have been chosen by SOLIDWORKS for worldwide case studies and demonstrations. CATI offers a full suite of SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner technologies including CAD, CAE, CAID, CAM, ECAD, PDM, and Hardware/Networking solutions. For the latest news from CATI, visit the CATI website at or contact a CATI representative at 888-308-2284.