Integrated Simulation Workflows

Integrated Simulation Workflows

Integrated Simulation Workflows with SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions enables engineers to efficiently test their product performance with multi-physics testing, taking into account various physical environments.

Tightly integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD, Integrated Simulation Workflows using SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Motion, and SOLIDWORKS Plastics can be a regular part of your design process, reducing the need for costly prototypes, eliminating rework and delays, and saving time and development costs.

Integrated Simulation Workflows Overview

SOLIDWORKS Simulation enables product engineers to use concurrent engineering in designing the best products. SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions provide complete and powerful capabilities from structural analysis, Fluid Flow, and heat transfer simulation to dynamic motion analysis and injection plastic molding simulation, all in a single engineering interface.

Fully integrated inside SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, the SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions portfolio uses familiar workflow and similar product philosophy for a short learning curve. Product engineers can also leverage the 3D CAD data, such as materials defined, assembly mates, configurations, ECAD data, and toolbox fasteners for their simulations.

For full performance testing, product engineers can use results of one simulation package in another one with a multi-physics approach:

  • The Fluid Flow results of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation become inputs for a thermal-stress analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • Reaction Forces, moments from a dynamic assembly simulation in SOLIDWORKS Motion or the Event-based Motion become input for a stress analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • Residual stresses on a part simulated in SOLIDWORKS Plastics become pre-stresses for SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

The completeness and the integration of the entire SOLIDWORKS Simulation portfolio enable product engineers to take into account multiple physical scenarios and get accurate insight on their product performance.

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