Structural Optimization

Structural Optimization

Perform structural optimization analysis during design using CAD-embedded SOLIDWORKS Simulation to reach the best available strength-to-weight, frequency, or stiffness performance for your designs, and cut costly prototypes, eliminate rework and save time and development costs.

Structural Optimization Overview

SOLIDWORKS Simulation simplifies structural optimization with a goal-driven design approach to parametrically alter a design so that it meets defined structural goals. You specify design goals at the beginning of design to:

  • Have SOLIDWORKS software alert you during the design process if goals are violated
  • Use goals in a design study where SOLIDWORKS Simulation automatically changes allowable model dimensions to maximize or minimize adherence to the design goal

Structural optimization uses multiple constraints to limit the scope of the optimization process, ensuring that any design study optimization meets the primary design goal without violating the supporting design requirements.

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