Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis

Uncover potential issues early and make adjustments during design by conducting vibration analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation. You can identify trouble spots that could cause problems (such as, resonance, fatigue, and assembly techniques) and avoid costly rework and delays during the prototype phase.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides detailed vibration data through frequency analysis and dynamic analysis to ensure product performance and safety. Vibration analysis is an important consideration when an applied load is not constant (static), inducing unstable modes of vibration (resonance) which result in a shortened service life and cause unexpected failures.

Vibration Analysis Overview

The vibrations your product may experience can reduce performance, shorten product life, or even cause a catastrophic failure. The effects of vibrations, which are simply time-varying or transient loads on your product, are difficult to predict:

  • Vibration loads can excite dynamic responses in a structure resulting in high dynamic stresses.
  • Ignoring dynamic stresses could lead you to assume that a product or structure has a higher factor of safety (FoS) than it actually does.

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