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SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress

SOLIDWORKS SimulationSOLIDWORKS Simulation Xpress is a first-pass analysis tool that comes with every SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Premium software packages, giving you the ability to do basic stress analysis on individual parts. You can quickly determine effects of force and pressure, and generate reports to document results. When you are ready to test full assemblies, it is easy to upgrade to advanced SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages.

SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress is a built-in first pass design analysis tool included with SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Premium. SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress is a built-in design verification tool for testing part designs quickly and easily within 3D mechanical design software. SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress can help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Verify whether your design will work, and if it will behave exactly as you intend. You can determine whether your design places too much load on given components, possibly causing breakage.
  • Quickly investigate the relative merit of a wide range of designs, thereby weeding out the worst designs and highlighting the best. Using design analysis to test your designs is much quicker and less costly than building and testing physical prototypes.
  • Test radical new designs without cutting metal. These might be designs you previously would not have completed because they would be too tedious or time consuming to build and test.

For example, you might want to examine the effects of a force applied to the faucet. SimulationXpress simulates the design cycle and provides stress results. It also shows critical areas and safety levels at various regions in the faucet. Based on these results, you can strengthen unsafe regions and remove material from overdesigned ones.

Critical Regions
Deformed Shape

SimulationXpress uses the same simulation technology that SOLIDWORKS Simulation uses to perform stress analysis. More advanced simulation capabilities are available within the SOLIDWORKS Simulation line of products. The wizard interface of SimulationXpress uses elements of the full Simulation interface to guide you through a step-by-step process to specify fixtures, loads, material, run the simulation, and view the results.

SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress is suitable for stress analysis of simple parts, giving you the ability to simulate the effect of force or pressure loads on those parts. Once you have your stress results, SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress can generate HTML reports and create SOLIDWORKS eDrawings files to document and communicate the results of the analysis. For SOLIDWORKS users who need additional functionality, it is easy to upgrade from SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress to SOLIDWORKS Simulation.