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SOLIDWORKS SustainabilityDesign with Sustainability in Mind

The easy way to more Environmentally Friendly Designs. In today’s global marketplace, being a responsible company is often paramount to success. From shareholders to consumers, everyone is increasingly demanding products that are more environmentally conscious, if not 100 percent “green.” SOLIDWORKS Sustainability helps the design community better understand the ecological impact of its work and make more environmentally friendly design choices.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability quickly and easily integrates environmental assessment and sustainable design into your established design process. Sustainability becomes a natural part of your workflow. You get a continuous, real-time dashboard of the impacts of your designs, helping you quickly compare design alternatives to find the most environmentally conscious options that meet your design requirements. You can ensure product quality and performance while developing greener products to better serve your customers and the environment.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability provides screening-level life cycle assessment (LCA) of your design, applied to both parts and assemblies, with seamless integration to SOLIDWORKS design. It uses the gold-standard GaBi LCA database from PE International, and offers time-dependent environmental comparisons of different designs, more flexible inputs for detailed assessments, and expanded reporting capabilities to quickly communicate your sustainable design solution.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Xpress

Included with all SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD packages, SOLIDWORKS SustainabilityXpress performs screening-level life cycle assessment (LCA) of your part designs using the gold-standard GaBi LCA database from PE International to help you understand and communicate the impacts of your design decisions.


Seamless Integration to Create Sustainable Design

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability technology enables you to quickly and easily assess the environmental impact of your design to create more sustainable products. The software integrates powerful Life Cycle Assessment-based tools into your established design process, measuring the environmental impacts of carbon, energy, air, and water. The material selection tool provides instant feedback to help you choose the most environmentally-friendly material for a particular design. Analysis of parts, assemblies, and configurations, as well as automatic saving of environmental baselines, makes for better iterative design, while one-click report generation helps you easily communicate your findings.

Education Products

Perhaps no other application can do more for the future than SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software. Empower your students with the capability to understand the environmental consequences of their design decisions and to make the right choices for a better world. SOLIDWORKS Sustainability tools provide easy to read world geography maps, engineering material properties, and assessments of environmental impacts. The online SOLIDWORKS Sustainability calculator puts environmental outcomes of carbon footprint, energy, air, and water into common everyday product usage for cars, home water, light bulbs, and TVs.