Tips & Tricks On-Demand

The Design Innovation Month on-demand webinar sessions are unique tele-learning opportunities designed for Engineers and or Manufacturing users of various experience levels. With the SOLIDWORKS 2022 release our Computer Aided Technology Technical Team wanted to provide additional Tips & Tricks for SOLIDWORKS, 3DEXPERIENCE, 3D printing & 3D scanning technology, and more!

On-Demand • 12 minutes

I Need To Do More with Less! The "Why" of Sales, Engineering & Manufacturing Process Automation (CPQ for Manufacturing)

Most manufacturing businesses have to do more with less. This on-demand webinar will cover why and how this is achievable through automation, so companies can grow revenue and increase efficiency.

On-Demand • 19 minutes

DraftSight Tips & Tricks

In this Design Innovation on-demand webinar, join Application Engineer Dennis Barnes as he introduces Solid Modeling techniques in DraftSight. He will cover the methods and requirements for creating the basic solid shapes available with DraftSight’s Premium and Enterprise Plus level products. You will be shown the tools and methods for creating simple solids without sketching such as: Box, Cone, Cylinder, Pyramid, Sphere, Torus, and Wedge. Plus you will learn techniques on how remove one solid from another to create a 3D cut.

On-Demand • 20 minutes

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mesh Tips & Tricks

Have you ever struggled to mesh a part or assembly in SOLIDWORKS Simulation?  SOLIDWORKS models come in all different shapes sizes and SIMULATION has them covered with multiple mesh types. In this Design Innovation on-demand webinar, join Sr. Application Engineer Robert Warren as he demonstrates how to make good decisions about meshing, avoid frustration and increase accuracy in your studies.

Virtual Showrooms

Over the past year, we’ve seen many new solutions and technologies in Additive Manufacturing. Explore the latest solutions from Stratasys, Creaform, ExOne and PostProcess Technologies.


SOLIDWORKS 2022 Blog Series

Throughout the entire month of October the technical team at Computer Aided Technology will be dissecting the new release of SOLIDWORKS 2022 to show and explain the best new feature enhancements as well as taking a look at the new 3DEXPERIENCE platform release! Stay tuned! The What’s New Blog series will begin on September 15th.

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