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CATI’s introductory level of DriveWorks is the DriveWorksXpress solution. DriveWorksXpress provides entry-level design automation with every license of SOLIDWORKS as the easy-to-use, rules-based design automation tool for engineers.

How do I get DriveWorksXpress?

DriveWorksXpress provides entry-level design automation inside world-leading, 3D CAD design software, SOLIDWORKS. DriveWorksXpress is ideal for everyday repetitive design tasks. Use it to create multiple variations of parts, assemblies, and drawings quickly and accurately. In order to learn how to activate DriveWorksXpress within your seat of SOLIDWORKS, take a look at our DriveWorksXpress Getting Started Guide today!

What can DriveWorksXpress do for my business?

DriveWorksXpress can save your business time, reduce repetitive tasks, and minimize costly errors by automatically, quickly, and accurately creating multiple variations of your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, and drawings.

Are there any other benefits to this free tool, DriveWorksXpress?

Capturing and re-using your design knowledge, incorporating design rules, automating repetitive tasks, and liberating your design engineers are just a few of the additional benefits of using DriveWorksXpress.

For details on DriveWorksXpress, information on utilizing these features, and step-by-step instructions on activating DriveWorksXpress within SOLIDWORKS download our DriveWorksXpress How-To Guide.

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