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Want to learn more? Want to learn about SOLIDWORKS, PDM, 3D Printing, Simulation and more? CATI offers free events that get you the experience you need to assess the impact of our products and services on your productivity.

Featured Events

CATI Design Innovation Summit

The CATI Design Innovation Summit is an interactive learning experience focused on helping you design and make better products. This year we have a full agenda covering What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2017. With content created by CATI's Application Engineers, you will leave this year's Design Innovation Summit with the knowledge to help you get your job done right!


CATI Product Development Forum

This unique event will show you how to take your product from concept to reality and improve your product development process with the help of solutions from CATI.

Register Today for a Product Development Forum near you.  

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If you are new to SOLIDWORKS or a SOLIDWORKS Master CSWP, we have free seminars on the web or at a location near you that will expand your knowledge of SOLIDWORKS.

Great designs are just the beginning. Your products also have to perform. The old school, build it and break it method works, but it's too expensive and takes tool long. Let us show you how you can validate your designs using simulation.

Are the members of your product development team all singing from the same sheet of music? Product Data Managment and Product Lifecycle Managment solutions for CATI can help you keep harmony in your business processes.

SOLIDWORKS technical communication tools make it easy for anyone to create and maintain product documentation by leveraging your 3D CAD.

Do you wish you could shorten the amount of time you spend with repetitive design tasks? Are you stressed by the pressure from your sales department to respond to quotations and poor instructions at short notice?

Do you find yourself in the situation of having legacy parts without having either the 2D or 3D drawings? Instead of hand measuring and designing the part from scratch, why not 3D scan the object to get the information you need. Handheld scanners offer flexibility, speed and portability to accomplish the task at hand with a high degree of accuracy. Join us and learn more.

One of the best things about product development with SOLIDWORKS is the weath of tools that have been developed to support the SOLIDWORKS community. Here are a few of these products we would like to highlight. Join us and learn more.



Access, store, change and approve design data more efficiently with SOLIDWORKS PDM product data management (PDM) software.

SOLIDWORKS Design Webcast

If you want an introductory demo of SOLIDWORKS, this is the event for you. See how designing in 3D with SOLIDWORKS can shorten design cycles and give you an advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

3D Scanning Workshop

Learn how you can leverage Creaform 3D Scanning technology for Reverse Engineering, Inspection, and Additive Manufacturing.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Webcast

Did you know that SOLIDWORKS offers additional tools that can help you test your designs to save time and money? Join CATI Experts to discover how to build better products, evaluate product failures, optimize existing designs, improve product performance, avoid complex hand calculations, reduce costly prototypes, reduce weight and material costs

CATIpult Webcast

CATIpult Webcasts are a unique learning opportunity for SOLIDWORKS users of any experience level. This year's series covers topics selected and developed by our technical analysts. Topics change monthly, so check back to see future topics.

Justify the Cost of In-House 3D Printing Webcast

The value of 3D printing and additive manufacturing machines is unquestionable. Yet, it may not be clear how to convince the management and accounting departments that the benefits justify the capital expenditure. This webcast offers guidelines and tips for creating a compelling business case for the acquisition of 3D printers for additive manufacturing and prototyping.

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