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Event #: DI101

Our Design Innovation Month Online Events are designed for users as short training tips and tricks sessions. This selection of events focuses on SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

Online Event Topics and Descriptions

Presentations Descriptions
Mesh Types and Proper Usage in SOLIDWORKS Simulation  Have you ever struggled to mesh a part or assembly in SOLIDWORKS Simulation? The problem is likely related to the selection of mesh type.  Attend this session to learn how to make good decisions about meshing and avoid frustration and/or inacurracy in your analyses.
Linear Dynamic Study Types and Applications in SOLIDWORKS Simulation  Are you designing products that will be used in environments with loads that vary over time? Shock and vibration loads can be accurately analyzed using the linear dynamic study type within SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium.  We will highlight some of these applications and the proper setup required to get good results to make sure your design will survive under these loading situations.
Simulation Results Convergence Methods in SOLIDWORKS Simulation To answer the question, "Have I accurately captured the maximum stress that my design will see?", a convergence check is a must!  Learn some techniques for doing so and discover the new "Stress Hot Spot Diagnostics" tool in this webcast that will help build confidence in your design work. (Adaptive Mesh, Stress Hot Spot Diagnostics)
Nonuniform Force/Pressure Loading Setup in SOLIDWORKS Simulation  Sometimes it is necessary to apply a nonuniform force or pressure to represent the real loading environment within SOLIDWORKS Simulation.  This presentation will show how this can be quickly and easily done.  Join us to see several examples of this load type.

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