How to Improve Your Design Process While Working Remotely Webcast

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Event #: SW104

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen unprecedented restrictions for product development companies and has created challenges in managing remote design. Not having protocols in place for accessing business and proprietary information can lead to delays and increased liability.

Product development companies faced with the urgent need to set up remote design processes have encountered numerous challenges:

- Team members are separated but still need access to 3D models and a means to communicate with other project participants

- Conflicts in design decisions are unavoidable - How and where employees access and store data may create data security issues

- Data preservation issues are created when employees share, store and in some cases inadvertently delete data from their local and personal devices

- Workflow is slow leading to delays in product launches

If your organization is experiencing these types of challenges, join us for a 22-minute webinar to see how companies are addressing these challenges. We will show you how to manage your remote design work securely and improve upon the user experience and collaboration within all departments of your organization.

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