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Access, store, change and approve design data more efficiently with SOLIDWORKS PDM product data management (PDM) software. Uniquely adapted to the requirements of geographically dispersed workgroups, SOLIDWORKS PDM is a product data management (PDM) software solution based on proven technology that can be deployed in a fraction of the time required by other enterprise PDM systems.


SOLIDWORKS PDM helps organizations manage and share product data more effectively and automate workflow to allow better collaboration from engineering to the shop floor, resulting in better products, lower costs, and faster time to market. SOLIDWORKS PDM allows members of your organization to work as a team to bring quality products to market more quickly.

Webcast Highlights:

  • Increased Efficiency with best-in-class data management capabilities
  • Rapid implementation and scalable across multiple sites
  • Streamlined processes with workflow automation
  • Audit activities to improve standards compliance and quality
  • Ability to share information with your customers and suppliers

"One of the best features of taking a class with CATI is the help provided for questions that come after taking the class."

- Walter Bauer

"The course was great & the instructor was great! The course pace and information presented was just right for the class level. "

- Christine Laub

"Exceptional class. I had little to no CAD experience when I started, and I now understand a great deal about SOLIDWORKS."

- Scott Joji, Life Fitness

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