3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Case Study Clover Industries

clover-industries-solidworks-case-study.JPGCorporate Summary
Clover Industries, Inc., specializes in the design and manufacture of single-stage and telescopic hydraulic cylinders, piston accumulators, and intensifiers for the oil and gas, military, industrial, and construction markets. The company has built a strong reputation for superior performance and sophisticated products, including the use of advanced coatings and materials.

When The Oilgear Company acquired Clover Industries in March 2010, the relationship created opportunities and challenges for the organization. In its new role as a subsidiary, the hydraulic cylinder manufacturer faced a host of challenges related to the need to work
directly with Oilgear, a leading pump manufacturer, and its sister companies, such as Leeds Valve, a valve manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. Instead of developing products independently as a separate company, Clover Industries needed to collaborate closely and
efficiently with its new partners.

Clover Industries selected SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM software, implementing 100 licenses system-wide, because it is easy to use, is completely integrated with SOLIDWORKS software, and supports multisite access to design data. By choosing SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, Clover Industries has reduced its design cycles by 66 percent, cut costs related to production errors, improved design collaboration with its sister companies, and standardized and simplified its workflows.

“The implementation of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM software helped us to quickly transition from a small, family-run company to an agile, high technology company with hundreds of users. The organization that PDM establishes has enabled us to more efficiently manage our work from start to finish, from providing estimates to managing production.”
– Dave Tetzlaff Senior Hydraulics Design Specialist

Summary and Metrics

  • Reduced design cycles by 66%
  • Cut costs related to production errors
  • Improved design collaboration with sister companies
  • Standardized and simplified workflows