3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Case Study Design Integrity

design_integrity.jpgThe Challenge

 Design Integrity is a product design and development consulting firm with expertise in mechanical engineering, industrial design, manufacturing, and electrical engineering. The challenge was to find CAD software that had at least 90% of the functionality of Pro/ENGINEER, but at a greatly reduced cost, with less overhead in training time.

The Solution

We were already using Pro/ENGINEER, but when we evaluated the cost of adding two more seats of Pro/ENGINEER compared to two seats of SOLIDWORKS software, the choice was clear. SOLIDWORKS is affordable and easy to use. Plus, SOLIDWORKS helped us save design time and costs, improving our efficiency and allowing us to be more competitive.

“SOLIDWORKS is affordable and easy to use.”
Aaron Eiger, Principal / Industrial Design

Summary and Metrics:

  • Shortened the design cycle from two months to one month
  • Reduced development costs by over $15,000
  • Improved our efficiency and effectiveness by 30%
  • Allowed us to be more competitive