3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Case Study Fred Sparks Design

Corporate Summary
focuses on strategy, innovation and sustainability for its clients . . . and its use of SOLIDWORKS regularly helps them provide product and package solutions that speak to all of those basic tenets of their business.

Recently, Fred Sparks was faced with a challenge from its client, Schutt Sports.  Schutt Sports is involved in the global manufacturing and distribution of many kinds of athletic equipment and accessories.  Among its offerings, Schutt sold a collectible series of mini football helmets that are available at various types of retail outlets.  The package for the product was manufactured in Asia with final assembly and customization in the United States.  Schutt Sports turned to Fred Sparks Design in order to lower shipping cost through sustainable design (in response to FedEx and UPS rate changes) provide a greater brand presence (in relation to the competition) and reduce the footprint required for store display.

Summary and Metrics
Fred’s ability to respond quickly using its SOLIDWORKS platform for the products’ needs enabled it to create SOLIDWORKS files that the client’s manufacturing resources could quickly and accurately turn into the products for shipment

Along the way, Fred Sparks made use of SolidWork’s “collision detection” software to ensure the package components would properly nest for transit from its Asian component manufacturer to final assembly in the United States.  This saved two or three days of mocking up a prototype, testing the interference, revising and re-prototyping.

fredsparksdesign-helmet.jpgAs is usually the case, timing is critical in providing product development services. The Schutt team, regularly impressed with the Fred Sparks solutions and the SOLIDWORKS three-dimensional image capabilities (so much so that these SOLIDWORKS images are often used in Schutt’s marketing materials) they knew that the Fred Sparks team could meet their deadlines and include the strategy, innovation and sustainability they wanted for presentation to sales staff and customers.

In spite of the strategic and innovative aspects of the complex final solution, Fred Sparks utilized the simple-to-use SOLIDWORKS software to gain five days on the project schedule and ultimately at a reduced overall cost.  So from getting prospective clients’ attentions to the actual robust yet quick deliverables for clients’ projects, Fred Sparks uses its SOLIDWORKS capabilities to maximize its designs and profits, provide superior solutions, and expand their business.