3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Case Study Global Power

The Challenge

Global Power Components is a West Allis, WI company that manufactures generator accessories and any type of product that utilizes a generator for auxiliary and portable power solutions.  From sub base fuel tanks, enclosures, and containers to trailers, Global Power Components is focused on providing the best customer service they can to all of their customers.

One of GPC’s biggest challenges is meeting fast turnaround times and continuing to produce high quality products, while constantly improving the efficiency of their products.

The Solution

Before making the switch to SOLIDWORKS, Global Power Components used AutoCAD exclusively. Since then, their need for it has changed, “We still use AutoCAD for our legacy data, but the DWG editor is a nice addition to SOLIDWORKS and reduces the need for AutoCAD,” explained Scott Andrzejewski, Engineer for Global Power Components.

Scott has been using SOLIDWORKS for the past 10 years and is a fan of the DriveWorks add-on. Because of its efficiency, the company’s lead time has decreased significantly,“DriveWorks automation process has decreased our lead time by one week.  It has also reduced mistakes and re-works by automating processes that previously could have been affected by human error.”  All in all, DriveWorks has enabled GPC to improve their product quality by looking at their designs differently while creating new methods of fabrication and production processes.

SOLIDWORKS is easy to learn and fun to master.  The constant upgrades are awesome!  The sheet metal functionality is amazing.  From utilizing parts in an assembly to creating production drawings – SOLIDWORKS gets the job done. – Scott Andrzejewski, Engineer

Summary and Metrics

  • DriveWorks automation processes reduced lead time by one week.