3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Case Study Go Precision

The Challenge

 From “Miracle on 34th Street” to “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the most classic stories of all time are often told in the month of December. This month, CATI celebrates as long-time customer, Gary Oravec of GO Precision, tells his own classic technology tale.

It’s a very familiar story. Gary was one of many tool workers employed by a company with several hundred employees and facilities in three states. After his former employer closed its Illinois plant in 1998, Gary began his own start-up company, GO Precision. Having nearly a decade’s worth of design experience under his belt, Gary’s company focuses on mold design, with a small fraction of his business involving product design and CNC programming. Enter SOLIDWORKS:

The Solution

“At the time, I didn’t think I needed SOLIDWORKS,” Gary said, adding that he was most familiar creating basic connectors with simple, 2D software. “At that time it was a very expensive proposition for me…but it was actually the best investment I’ve ever made.”

SOLIDWORKS has partially enabled Gary to adapt to the new design environment of today. Once upon a time, he worked mostly with prints and simple, squared parts. Now, like most SOLIDWORKS users, Gary is well-versed with solids and surfaces, and he definitely understands the importance of using such technology in today’s competitive climate.

Gary also understands the importance of support. He said SOLIDWORKS and CATI combine to make it very easy on the end user.

“The software package itself is very intuitive,” said Gary. “It just takes that little kick start from CATI for you to get comfortable with the software and get up-and-running. For me, its important to have a software package that’s easy to use.”

But SOLIDWORKS’ ease-of-use and CATI’s incomparable support is just half the story. Gary, who upgraded to SOLIDWORKS Office in 2001, talked about communicating with his customers using SOLIDWORKS tools.

“I can do a rendering and output a photographic image to show the customer,” Oravec said of Photoworks. “And eDrawings is also extremely useful in collaborating with other people. Everybody I send it to is amazed with how slick it works.”

Gary, who completes 50-70 projects per year, said simplifying the communication process with his customers has been extremely beneficial, especially for a one-man operation. He estimated that using and communicating with SOLIDWORKS has saved him approximately 50% of project lead time.

That also frees-up some of Gary’s time so he can attend various CATI training courses. He said he never wasted any time in that regard. “Even if it was a topic that I felt I knew, you sometimes learn that the way you were doing something might not be the most efficient way.” Gary also mentioned CATI’s on-going commitment to its customers, “I’ve never felt like (CATI) is just trying to make money. I always felt their #1 initiative is to help me.”

And as the story goes, with SOLIDWORKS and CATI, Gary Oravec and GO Precision live happily ever after.

The end.

GO Precision purchased SOLIDWORKS Office, SOLIDWORKS MoldBase, training & support from CATI.