3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Case Study Greenlee Textron

The Challenge

Greenlee Textron, a Rockford-based professional grade tool manufacturer, is fully committed to delivering quality, innovative products to its marketplace. On their website, Greenlee declares, “From hole making and bending to test and measurement, you can depend on Greenlee tools to outlast and out perform the competition every time.” With an ever-changing industry, keeping this commitment to its customers and their suppliers has become Greenlee’s true challenge.

“It’s more cut-throat,” Designer, Dan Hale, said of his industry. “We need to come up with new products quicker, and we need to find new ways to manufacture them cheaper to keep up with the demands of our customers.”

The Solution

Greenlee knew that partnering with a true value-added provider like Computer Aided Technology would be essential to maintaining its commitment to its customers. In understanding Greenlee’s need to bring innovative products to its marketplace, CATI equipped Greenlee Engineers with SOLIDWORKS, the industry standard for 3D mechanical design.

“Coming up with new products is always the key to staying ahead of everyone else,” said Hale, who also teaches SOLIDWORKS courses at Rock Valley Community College in Rockford. “It is very easy for SOLIDWORKS users to get up to speed quickly, and for our business and the complexity of our models, it is far and above the best tool for us.”

Beyond technology tools, CATI has provided Greenlee with superior services, training and support. Hale made special note of CATI’s CATalyst and CATIpult programs in particular. He and other Greenlee Designers have achieved CSWP status, declaring them Certified SOLIDWORKS Professionals, after participating in the CATAlyst bundled training package that CATI offers. The CATIpult sessions are held on a quarterly basis and are offered to current CATI customers as an extra value-add:

“CATIpults are great,” said Hale. “CATI hosts them in Rockford, which is great because we don’t have to travel.”

Computer Aided Technology also has a facility in Rockford to better serve the engineering and manufacturing Industry in that region. For more information about CATI’s products and services, or information about local SOLIDWORKS Users Groups in Rockford, please visit www.cati.com.

Summary and Metrics

  • Gained ability to deliver innovative products to market faster than with previous CAD tools
  • Gained ability to complete complicated models, yet reduce time spent on drafting
  • Utilize mold tools: draft analysis, undercut detection, and split line features to save time on designing of plastic parts
  • Gained ability to transfer CAD information to other operations inside and outside of Greenlee (ie. CAM, rapid prototyping, other CAD systems, and our MRP system)
  • Utilize customization tools, Macros, and Visual Basic programs to automate processes and title block features to save time