3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Case Study Lamplight

The Challenge
At Lamplight (formerly Lamplight Farms), they “Create the Moment.” Lamplight produces a wide range of oil lamps, lamp oils, and candle products for indoor and outdoor use. Carefully crafted, their collection of over 100 distinctive oil lamp styles and scented candle products combine beauty and function to provide unequalled value in natural flame lighting – the hallmark of Lamplight.

Creating these unique designs and styles in a competitive consumer market, however, is challenging. In order to stay on top of their game, Lamplight has incorporated SOLIDWORKS into their business processes.

The Solution
”As a mechanical designer, I know in my mind what I want to create and SOLIDWORKS lets me do it. Because it is easy to learn and use, I spend more time designing than I do learning the software. I was more efficient in 4 months using SOLIDWORKS than I was in four years with Pro/E,” comments David Schofield, Mechanical Designer, Lamplight. “The three ‘F’ words in product development are form, fit and function and SOLIDWORKS inherently addresses them.”

With continuing pressure to create new products and get products to market at a rapid pace, Lamplight needed the ability to speed the communication of design data to outside vendors. Due to supplier relations in Asia and rapid prototyping needs, visual communication is a critical component to the speed in which a project can be completed. By accompanying production prints with communication tools such as SOLIDWORKS’ eDrawings, Lamplight can send the information knowing they are communicating their designs clearly so as to eliminate the amount of time verbalizing the design intent.

With company growth, sophisticated technology and motivated employees, Lamplight intends to continue to “Create the Moment” with “Natural Flame Lighting that Reflects You.”

Lamplight purchased SOLIDWORKS Software, Subscription Service and Training from CATI.