The Challenge
SMC Corporation of America is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic actuators, valves, and airline equipment. To provide customers with automation cost savings, SMC developed an online catalog that enabled customers to configure and download dimensionally accurate 3D models of SMC components, which engineers can include in their designs.

The Solution
To achieve this objective, SMC turned to 3D PartStream.NET technology from SOLIDWORKS Corporation. Since implementing 3D PartStream.NET seven years ago, SMC has registered more than 200,000 customers on its E-Tech web site and now provides customers with 80,000 downloadable CAD models each month.

Summary and Metrics:
The results from 3D PartStream have been remarkable. SMC has:

  • Increased online sales leads by 30%
  • Decreased engineering support costs
  • Provided better customer service by making configurable, online components available
  • Reduced its cost-per-lead ratio
  • Increased sales
  • Registered 46,000 users in two years
  • Achieved 18,000 CAD model downloads per month
  • Reduced engineering support costs by $205,200 annually
  • Improved sales by $500,000 in annual revenue at a single company