3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Case Study Spalding

The Challenge
Spalding, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of home and institutional basketball systems. Our basketball units range from combination units that attach to the front of a garage to units used in NBA arenas. Our main business challenge is time-to-market and product appearance, which is important in the consumer market. We wanted a 3D design system that could create a good-looking unit in days and make the tooling right from our models — for faster time-to-market.

The Solution
We chose SOLIDWORKS. It is easy to learn and use. Because SOLIDWORKS is so commonly used, it is easy to find staff who know the program. 

With SOLIDWORKS, it is easy to make parts look good, and its parametric capability makes it easy for anyone to make a change.
-Ken Maren, Project Engineer

Summary and Metrics:

  • Shortened design time by 30%
  • Cut product development costs by 10%
  • Improved the production of instructional manuals by 50%
  • Reduced ECOs by 50%