3D CAD SOLIDWORKS Case Study Webb Scarlett

CaseStudy_webbscarlett_logo.jpgThe Challenge
Webb Scarlett deVlam is a different kind of brand design consultancy. At Webb Scarlett deVlam, building strong brands is their main focus, uniquely combining predictive consumer insight with 3D innovation, branding and retail impact. They create innovative solutions to brand opportunities; solutions that are both motivating for consumers and commercially practical. Specializing in graphics and structure, they have a multidisciplinary team comprised of both industrial and graphic designers whose end goal is to build brands through packaging.  With customers like Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, 3M, and Exxon Mobil, most of the products they design can be found in grocery and retail stores throughout the world.

When it comes to mechanical design software, SOLIDWORKS is the main program used, according to Industrial Designers, Michael Sauer and Jason Campbell.  In 1999, Webb Scarlett deVlam first purchased SOLIDWORKS from Computer Aided Technology, Inc. (CATI).  Before SOLIDWORKS, most of the modeling at Webb Scarlett deVlam was designed by hand. They now have 5 licenses of the software with around 12 users.

The Solution
Working with CATI has been a very smooth and pleasurable experience for Michael and Jason.  They like that they have worked with the same account representative every time.  They continue to get updates and the overall process has been very simple.

CaseStudy_webbscarlett2.jpgThe designers at Webb Scarlett deVlam have found SOLIDWORKS to be the industry standard for 3D designs.  SOLIDWORKS allows them to work directly with their customers, provide them with the native SOLIDWORKS files, and at the end of the day, have an editable version of the file for their clients and themselves.

The improved surface capabilities of SOLIDWORKS have really helped them.  Because less of their time is wasted in CAD, they have been able to significantly decrease the design process.  Furthermore, since it is a standard platform among their customers, sending and receiving files is seamless.

Michael and Jason have received positive feedback from clients who are impressed at how quickly they are able to turn files around.  While half of that is a result of good project management, the other half is because SOLIDWORKS is so intuitive.  As a result, they can create solutions in many different file versions quickly and efficiently.

“SOLIDWORKS makes it feel as close to working with a physical object than it ever has.  It is the little details like reflection and shadow that makes it so enjoyable to work with.  It offers a realism that helps us to evaluate the model as well.”  

To the designers at Webb Scarlett deVlam, SOLIDWORKS is an organic and creative tool that marries well with its engineering features and practicality, which is a perfect fit for them.

Webb Scarlett deVlam is a truly international brand design consultancy with offices in Chicago, London, and Sydney. Founded in 1992 as an independent partnership, the Chicago office was opened in 1998 and Sydney in 2004.

There are 48 staff across the 3 locations providing an exceptional standard of service and account management. Their capabilities of planning, consumer led insight and innovation give strategic focus to their activities. Graphic & Product Design, development and technical expertise provide the ability to then deliver exceptional brand performance. Michael and Jason can be reached at 312.575.0700 or www.wsdv.com.