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Consumer Products Industry

SOLIDWORKS software is used worldwide for designing and manufacturing a variety of consumer products for home, business, and recreational use. SOLIDWORKS provides the consumer products designer with powerful data translation, part modeling, collaboration, tooling development, and photorealistic rendering tools.

SOLIDWORKS capabilities that are especially valuable to consumer product designers include:

  • Data translation to facilitate data reuse from other CAD systems
  • Part modeling for surfacing, sheet metal, ready-made “smart” fasteners, sweep/loft, and configurations of both parts and assemblies
  • Collaboration through eDrawings and 3D Instant Website products to help you coordinate global product development activities
  • Photorealistic renderings and animations using fully integrated PhotoWorks and SOLIDWORKS Motion Manager software, allowing you to communicate how your designs will look and perform

SOLIDWORKS provides the solution to create consumer products, shorten lead time, and reduce costly mistakes throughout your design process.

Consumer product design is one of the most challenging environments in which professionals must collaborate to create products that are both functional and desirable. In order to do this, the CAD system must have the ability to function as a design and documentation tool that offers robust capabilities, while maintaining ease-of-use. SOLIDWORKS Office Professional addresses the needs of design, engineering, and manufacturing, allowing them to share a common tool for collaboration throughout the design cycle.

Technology Solutions

CATI offers a variety of Technology Solutions for the Consumer Products Industry. Below we have listed some of our most popular options.