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Machine Design Industry

SOLIDWORKS software is used worldwide by heavy equipment designers who value the software's large assembly performance, Physical Simulation capability for assemblies, data translation, design collaboration tools, and integrated design analysis tools.

The capabilities of SOLIDWORKS enable manufacturers to quickly and efficiently design large equipment, including machinery with tens of thousands of parts.

Today’s industrial machinery customers demand products that will reliably perform increasingly complex tasks. To answer competitive challenges, manufacturers need them quickly – and delivered within budget. SOLIDWORKS software provides the full range of integrated modeling, simulation, visualization, and communication tools that industrial machinery and heavy equipment manufacturers need to design better products faster – and at a lower cost.

SOLIDWORKS can help you meet your challenges at every stage of Industrial Machinery design.

  • Quickly produce conceptual designs or configurations
  • Produce design iterations in less time
  • Speed component selection
  • Ensure your designs are manufacturable
  • Publish complete, accurate documentation

Packaging Machinery

To succeed in today’s packaging machinery industry, you must create highly innovative products and get them to market faster than your competitors. SOLIDWORKS software offers unique capabilities that can help you meet that challenge, helping you to explore and test more design alternatives, improve quality, and streamline your entire development process.

  • Cut design time
  • Eliminate overhead costs
  • Eliminate assembly problems before your designs go to manufacturing
  • Optimize your designs
  • Reduce physical prototypes

Technology Solutions

CATI offers a variety of Technology Solutions for the Machine Design Industry. Below we have listed some of our most popular options.