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Mold Design Solutions


3DQuickMold is a professional plastic mold design solution. It is developed by an engineering team with 15 years in CAD programming and 17 years in plastic mold design industry. To solve very complicated plastic mold design problem is the prime objective of developing 3DQuickMold®. 3DQuickMold® follows the industrial practices and use the same workflow in mold shops. The ease of use and powerful mold design capabilities have been verified by the early users of 3DQuickMold®. With the introduction of 3DQuickMold® in the market for less than two years, 3DQuickMold® is leading in market acceptance and growth rate in the market. 3DQuickMold® makes itself stand out from the competition in the mold splitting functions and the ways it guide mold engineers to complete the design task. Same as SOLIDWORKS® in CAD, it is the best tool for experience mold designers or young engineers who start the plastic mold design career.

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Flexible Workflow

3DQuickMold® allows mold designers to choose multiple workflows. User may choose top-down or bottom-up approach. Top-down approach allows user to do core and cavity layout, selection of mold structures, before the mold split operation. It aids the generation of bill of materials and facilitate the early purchase planning in the whole design cycle as the result of 3D parametric design. Bottom-up approach will guide user to complete the mold split operation before going to the processes of core and cavity layout, and selection of mold structure. This approach is suitable to very complex mold design. Professional plastic mold design solution should provide automation, and at the same time allows users to adjust and fine tune to handle new mold design. 3DQuickMold® provides this flexibility in different stages during the mold design cycle.

Mold Splitting

Mold design engineers spend a big ratio of the design time in Splitting Mold. 3DQuickMold® combines the experience of mold makers and the powerful modeling functions of SOLIDWORKS® and results a very fast and direct mold split feature in the system.

  • Support multiple and/or different parts in single cavity
  • Support predefined slides & inserts before the mold splitting
  • Support swap parts and automatic update of mold structure

High Performance

3DQuickMold® is capable to handle very complicated and complex mold structures with all the details of mold splits, ejectors, cooling channels, and electrodes without scarifying the performance expectation of plastic mold designers. 3DQuickMold® customized the SOLIDWORKS® environment to achieve this optimized result. Field reports showed that the speed of 3DQuickMold® in handling complex mold design is equally good or even better than the most popular plastic mold design solution in the high-end CAD markets.