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3DQuickStripQuick Strip Design

Today’s requirements for progressive die making are becoming more demanding with higher parts quality, shorter delivery times and more complicated product design. Using the conventional 2D approaches can neither speed up the process nor minimize the engineering errors. 3DQuickStrip® is the latest innovation to help metal manufacturers to communicate better with both the buyers and the tooling operations.

Download 3DQuickStrip Datasheet >>

Developed on SOLIDWORKS® technology, 3DQuickStrip® imports different types of 3D data into the system for the unfolding, bending and cutting operations. Fully auto or manual mode can be chosen in the powerful unfold operation. Advanced feature recognition can handle complex sheet metal features. User Assisted Recognition can handle more tricky form features and secure a steady and fast design process. High performance 3D strip layout makes 3DQuickStrip® a leader among all the competitors. Users may control the bending sequence by a few mouse-clicks on the Strip Layout Manager. With minimal 3D modeling skill, users can learn how to use 3DQuickStrip® in a very short time. 3DQuickStrip® can be upgraded and work with other users of 3DQuickPress® or smoothly interfaced to user’s existing 2D punch & die design environment.

Latest Enhancement

  • Centre of Force in each die block
  • Force calculator considering spring and bending forces
  • User-Defined Feature for Multiple Stage Forming
  • Realistic springback compensation
  • Split Bend for flexible strip design
  • Swap Parts allows user to handle any complex forming parts which can be modelled in SOLIDWORKS®
  • Transform Part for multiple stages conventional stamping and transfer dies
  • Deep drawing calculator